Monday, July 6, 2009

The Art Show

Crimson bought an art set and paper with some of her birthday money. We decided to have an art show for everyone to view and purchase the art of our budding artists. Crimson loved the idea! About a week before we had the art show, we took some clothes to donate, and found a charity in Jasper called, Missions Unlimited. They accept clothing donations as well as monetary and time donations. They build wheel chairs for people in other countries that cannot walk. I was telling someone about that, and Crimson said, "Mommy, I have a great idea! Let's give the money from my art show to them to make a wheel chair." I was so proud of her! We now have a jar, that we are saving money in to give to them to make a wheel chair. Thanks to those who contributed donations for Crimson and Alana's art!

Crimson's 6th Birthday

Crimson is 6!

I am a little late getting this up! We have had a busy month. On June 13th, Crimson's birthday, I took the PRAXIS II which is the certification test for Library Media. I had to be in B'ham at 7:30 that morning. The electricity went off at about 8:30 the night before, and we had a bad storm. Since the power was off (and Jamie was at young women's camp) I set the alarm on my cell phone. That apparently wasn't good enough, because I woke up every hour because I was so afraid I'd miss the test. We got home at about 12, got the girls and rushed back to Jasper to have Crimson's party at Chick-Fil-A at 1:00. It was a great party! She loved having her school friends there and her cousin, Ethan. She got the Yellow Box Flip Flops she wanted, some clothes, money, and 2 DS lite games. Thanks to everyone who came or sent a gift. Crimson had a great birthday!

Crimson and best friend, Jayla!

Parker, Jayla, and Crimson

Alana loved the cake!

The cake looked wonderful, but I stuck to my diet and didn't eat any! That took some will power!

Just the girls! Crimson, Alana, Ella, and Jayla


Crimson and her Yellow Box Flip Flops!